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We love mobile games and we’re pretty fond of numbers too. But when we surveyed the web for stats on mobile gaming trends, we quickly realized that there wasn’t anywhere where all this goodness was stored in one place. So here it is, a whole lot of stats on the mobile gaming industry that will make you very popular at the next gamer conference, or cocktail party when a skeptic asks…

“Do people really spend that much time playing video games?” Yes we do.


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State of the Industry

      • There are 100+ million U.S. mobile gamers (almost 1/3 of the nation’s population)6
      • 80% of developers don’t make enough money to be a standalone business2
      • 34% of the top 100 grossing apps in the App store are using the freemium model1
      • The mobile gaming industry is predicted to reach $54 billion by 20157
      • Free-to-Play accounts for 90% of US mobile game spending1
      • Over 80% of all revenue generated by mobile in 2012 was from games4
      • The top 25 developers alone took in half of mobile development revenue in 20123
      • $12 billion dollars were generated in 2011 alone1
      • Mobile games are the most popular App Category1
      • 64% of mobile game users use mobile  game apps daily1
      • 93% of app downloaders who pay for an app, pay for a mobile gaming app1
      • 70-80% of all mobile downloads are games7
      • 76 of the top 100 grossing iOS apps are games4
      • $3 dollars is the average price at which app gamers feel an app game purchase or a free-top-paid app upgrade is a good value8
      • The smartphone gaming industry is expected to double by 2016.1
      • In October 2012, nine of the top 10 publishers by monthly revenue on both iOS and Google Play are game publishers10
      • In 2011, mobile gaming took 9% of total money spent on games, grossing $5.8 billion5
      • Cross-platform game players monetize 25% higher than single-platform players8
      • 51% of the top 25 grossing games in the App Store are free7
      • 58% of the most popular developers are creating multiple platform apps8
      • VentureBeat reports a 241% increase in online gaming since 20089

Why We Play

      • 57% of US social gamers enjoy social gaming because of “competitive spirit” vs. 43% of “fun & excitement”1
      • Time spent on tablets playing games has overtaken time spent watching videos, listening to music, and reading magazines4
      • 60% of tablet owners play mobile games — almost tied with universal activities like email and news4
      • 1/2 of the internet population (510 milllion people worldwide) play social games — an increase of 71% since 2010 (as of end of 2011)5
      • Close to 30% of app gamers have made an in-app purchase or have upgraded from a free app to a paid version8

Who Are We

      • Average age of a mobile gamer is 28.2 years old7
      • The average social gamer is 39 years old1
      • 54% of social gamers are male vs. 46% are female1
      • 2/3 of mobile gamers are less than 45 years old8
      • Mobile gamers make up 22% of all US gamers4
      • 87% of boys with access to mobile devices play games on them, compared to 80% of girls4
      • 25% of adults hear about new games through social media sites1
      • 50% of mobile gamers learn about new games from friends and family1

When We Play

      • Highest percentage of mobile games are played in the bedroom4
      • 52% of gamers play for more than one hour a day4
      • 53% of smartphone owners play mobile games daily4
      • 66% of tablet owners play social games daily4
      • In 2011, mobile gaming took 13% of all time spent on games worldwide, over 130 million hours a day5
      • 67% of all time spent on tablets is time spent on mobile games4
      • 81 million people play social games at least once a day – 49 million people play multiple times a day – these daily users average 9.5 hours per week on social games1
      • People spend an average of 7.8 hours a month gaming on their phones1
      • Android users spend an average of 9.3 hours a month gaming on their phones1
      • Games account for 67% of time spent using tablets, vs 39% for smartphones8

How We Play

      • 69% of US mobile gamers play games on a smartphone, 21% tablet and 18% iPod touch5
      • 59% of total app gameplay is done on a mobile device5
      • 51% of mobile gamers have spent real money to purchase a mobile game — the majority (37%) upgrading from a free game trial to a paid version5
      • The average smartphone gamer downloaded 10+ games in 2011 vs. the average tablet gamer downloaded 20+ games in 20115
      • 84% of tablet owners play games7

What We Play

      • 10 million monthly active users play “Hidden Objects” social games1
      • 13.24 million monthly active users play “Casino Related Games” social games1
      • 2.5 million monthly active users play “Role-Playing Games” social games1
      • Over 100 million people play games on social networks — 61% on Facebook1
      • In virtual goods alone, freemium games make $12.92 dollars a month per user6
      • 23% of tablet gamers pay for virtual goods, with an average of $62 dollars per spender8

Specific Games

      • Tiny Tower made $3 million dollars in its first year from in-app purchases alone6
      • Angry Birds Makes $6 Million per month purely from ads6
      • Zynga’s games have a combined total of 48 million daily active users6
      • Over the course of 50 days, Draw Something was downloaded 50 million times6
      • Users of Draw Something have created drawings at a rate of 3,000 per second6
      • Zynga’s mobile gaming division alone brings in more than $10 billion dollars6
      • Rovio’s revenue was 10 million in 2010 —- and 100 million in 20116
      • Rovio makes $6 million dollars per month JUST from ads alone6
      • Angry Birds has 700 million total downloads6
      • Roughly 500 billion total birds have been shot in Angry Birds6


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